Saturday, June 27, 2009

Design for Jython Extension for Axis2

In a earlier post I said that I am coming up with a Jython extension for Axis2. This will be a code generation tool for jython. This will use existing infrastructure in Axis2 to support Contract First Web services in Jython. What I am planning to do is to integrate this code generation tool into WSF/Jython. Then WSF/Jython will be able to support both, contract-first and code-first approaches. Thus, making the life easier for the Jython developer :).

The code generation engine calls the extensions one by one and then calls a component what is known as the Emitter. Emitter is the actual component that does the significant bit of work in the code generation process. Emitters are usually language dependent and hence one language has one emitter associated with it. Therefore there should be an emitter to support Jython code generation. This simple yet powerful architecture is shown in the above illustration.

The Emitter processes the WSDL and builds a object model. The object model is simply an XML file which contains the object model of the WSDL with respect to Axis2 information model (ie. axis service, axis operation, axis message, etc). The template is a XSLT file which contains information on how the code should be generated. Then the built object model is parsed against the template to build the jython source code.

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