Thursday, June 25, 2009

Building Axis2

This is a bug (I think) which I came across a couple of times, while building Axis2. To overcome this you have to follow 2 simple instructions ;). For the completeness of this blog post, I will direct you through he complete build process.

1. First checkout the source.
svn co

2. Build the project from the source. Do not skip the tests, when you do a fresh build.
mvn clean install

Now is the tricky part. If you are not getting build errors, then no problems at all :). If you start getting build errors related to plugins, then do the following to overcome it.

1. First build the axis2-aar-maven-plugin.

2. Then build the axis2-mar-maven-plugin.

3. Afterwards, build axis2. This should pretty much overcome the build error :).

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