Monday, June 30, 2008

ANT Attack

My Dell Inspiron 1520 was attacked by ants.On last saturday I was at home watching a movie on my laptop. Suddenly I saw an ant coming out of my keyboard. I removed it and continued watching the rest of the movie. Then I was shocked to see some more ants coming out. I was thinking like "Has my laptop become an ant farm? #?@?".I managed to remove all the ants from my laptop using a blower. I searched the web and found many people who had faced the same problem. It seems like ants love the inner "plastic" parts but luckily, no harm was done to my machine. Probably some well mannered ants did take an inspection tour around my lap ;). A pal of mine(Saliya) had the same issue and he had to go through severe hardships to replace some of his keys. In the end he became proficient in repairing laptop keys. If the Sony VAIO guys saw the work he did, he would probably end up in SONY.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quickstart Apache Axis2 by Deepal Jayasinghe

Deepal Jayasinghe has published a book on Apache Axis2.I think this is the first book, dedicated to Apache Axis2. Deepal has been a contributing member of the Apache Axis2 project since it's origin. He is an architect and a developer of Apache Axis2 Web Service project. In addition to Axis2, he has made major contributions to Apache Synapse, Apache Axiom, and Apache XMLSchema projects. Deepal has written more than 30 technical magazine articles, research papers and has delivered speeches in various SOA and Web Services conferences. He is a Apache Web Services PMC member as well.

You can check out his book here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

WSO2 Among SD Times 100

June 2, 2008 — When the pages of history are rolled on top of one another, and the leaf marked “2007” is long buried beneath the folds, what ink will soak through to the pages beyond? The year that was may be remembered for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the final gasps of the housing bubble. Hardly a year of nobility.

However, for software developers, progress carried the day. Mobile developers finally understood the potential they held in their hands, thanks to the iPhone and Google's Android specification. BEA and Oracle agreed to make sweet love down by the San Francisco Bay. And GPL began to show its teeth, as the boys behind BusyBox defended their property rights.

As for project managers, they pushed forward, with forethought and purpose, into open-source projects, agile practices and distributed application life-cycle management. It was all about collaboration: social modeling, adaptive service-level agreements, dynamic service creation and everything—yes, everything—on the Web.

It was a year that went particularly meta. Meta tags were everywhere—on source code, appended to documents, pasted onto media assets and code snippets—all of them slowly funneling into the giant repositories from which enterprises increasingly live. Further meta came at the hands of virtualized test centers and virtualized deployment environments dynamically allocating resources.

In a year when most major IDEs saw significant updates, and the Mylyn project brought developers a new way of looking at their work, the individual coder was the real winner. And new managerial tools in source code systems and ALM suites made mastering the workflows and individual dynamics of coding teams more manageable.

Here then are the companies, tools and open-source projects that made December 2007 a far more productive and efficient time to code than January 2007:

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WSO2 extends interoperability across .NET, Java

ORLANDO, USA: WSO2, the open source SOA company, demonstrated several technical collaboration initiatives to extend interoperability across Microsoft .NET Framework, Java, and other Web services platforms.

Through these initiatives, the company will link .NET with WSO2's service-oriented architecture (SOA) middleware leveraging open source projects from the Apache Software Foundation. WSO2 will also enhance the performance of its software running on Microsoft platforms. With this collaboration, enterprise customers will have more choices than ever for addressing the demands of today's heterogeneous SOAs.

The initiatives were showcased as part of the ongoing Microsoft Tech•Ed North America 2008 IT Professionals conference -- June 10-13, 2008.

The first initiative, demonstrating the breadth of interoperability across standard Web services—.NET, Java, and C-based platforms such as PHP—was highlighted at a keynote presentation by Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. During the keynote, the StockTrader 2.0 demo composite application service, based on the .NET Configuration Service 2.0 and distributed Apache/WSO2 middleware components, showed how interoperable implementations of Web service protocols allow a seamless mix-and-match of the application's components, including the:

* User interface: .NET smart client and PHP Web application
* Business processing service layer: .NET and PHP
* Order processing service: .NET, Java and PHP

WSO2's support for the full WS-Security stacks in both the WSO2 Web Services Application Server, based on Apache Axis2/Java, and the WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP, based on Apache Axis2/C, ensured enterprise-class protection throughout the process.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to view a .chm in Ubuntu 8.04

As you may already know there are many computer books that come in the form of .chm file format. You can use Gnochm to view CHM files. It can be installed via Synaptic Package Manager in your Ubuntu Distribution or simply you can apt-get it.

sudo apt-get install gnochm

Paul Fremantle among InfoWorld's TOP-25 CTOs

WSO2's co-founder and overall visionary Paul Fremantle has been recognized as one of 2008 InfoWorld Top 25 CTOs. You can checkout the infoWorld article here .

Congratulations Paul!