Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lexical Analyzers and Parsers

Today I did a presentation to our junior batch mates on Lexical Analyzers and Parsers. It was the final lecture of the course Compiler Theory (before the end semester exams) and Dr. Damith Karunaratne was good enough to lend me a time slot out of his lecture. Similarly I did a presentation on JLex to my batch mates when I was in my 3rd year on behalf of Dr Damith. This time around I added more content on parsers. I gave a demonstration as well. I think the students liked the demo more than the presentation :). I would like to thank Dr. Damith Karunaratne for giving me this opportunity. Thank you sir.

Lexical Analyzers and Parsers
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I have been away from blogging for the last two months due to various reasons :O . Mainly due to University assignments and final year project. I never thought that doing a fourth year would require me to work this much. Anyway I like it :) . So stay tuned to my blog. ahh.... I almost forgot Wish you a happy New Year 2009!