Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Submit Patches to Apache Airavata

This post describes how an Airavata user can contribute to the Airavata project by submitting patches. User can follow the steps given below.
  • Identify an issue that you want to fix or improve
  • Search JIRA and the mailing list to see if it’s already been discussed
  • If it’s a bug or a feature request, open a JIRA issue
  • Create a sample that you can use for prototyping the feature or demonstrating the bug. If creating a sample is time consuming, write steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Attach this sample to the JIRA issue if it’s representing a bug report.
  • Setup a svn client in your system.
  • Checkout the source code.
  • Make your changes
  • Create the patch:
    • svn add any_files_you_added
    • svn diff > /tmp/fix-AIRAVATA-NNNN.patch
  • Attach that file (/tmp/fix-AIRAVATA-NNNN.patch) to the JIRA

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