Thursday, July 5, 2012

Deploying Airavata Server on Tomcat

A shell script named is shipped with Airavata that will assist you to $subject. Following steps describe how you can do it.

1) Update tomcat.hostname and tomcat.port properties of the file. You can keep the defaults if you dont want to change ports. In that case you don't have to edit the file. This file can be found in AIRAVATA_HOME/tools/

2) Download following to your local file system.
b) (Unzip it. When running the script point to the axis2.war)
d) ackrabbit-webapp-2.4.0.war

3) Run the script ( by providing the full file paths of the files you downloaded. This script can be found in AIRAVATA_HOME/tools/ directory.
./ --tomcat=/home/heshan/Dev/setup/gw8/ --airavata=/home/heshan/Dev/setup/gw8/ --axis2=/home/heshan/Dev/setup/gw8/axis2.war --jackrabbit=/home/heshan/Dev/setup/gw8/jackrabbit-webapp-2.4.0.war --properties=/home/heshan/Dev/setup/gw8/

4) Start Tomcat server.
eg: ./ start

5) Before using airavata go to http://localhost:8090/jackrabbit-webapp-2.4.0 and create a default content repository.

6) Restart Tomcat server.

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