Saturday, October 3, 2009

Basketball @ WSO2 : How to Survive

It's been a while since I wrote a blogpost that relates to sports. Since annual basketball tournament at wso2 is coming up next week, I thought it would be the perfect time to write a blogpost on WSO2 basketball. The ideas & views expressed below can be a KnowledgeBase for anyone joining wso2 or newbie who wants to play basketball @ wso2.

Wso2 folks dont have a permanent basketball court to play basketball. Instead they have transformed the car park into a basketball court. It is car-park by day and basketball court by night. We have portable baskeball posts, so we move em to the car-park in the evening. The court is not having the ideal dimensions of a standard basketball court; it is due to the limited space available in the car park.

We started playing basketball @ wso2 around 1 year back and we followed it up with a inter-house basketball tournament, which was a blast. It was a very successful event and everyone enjoyed it a lot(apart from the people who got injured while playing lol). Now 1 year has elapsed since the introduction of basketball to wso2 and IMO I say that we are playing a different flavor of basketball.

Basketball is having several flavors ranging from Streetball to Slamball. Wso2's basketball has evolved into a unique flavor apart from these. I'd say it is a hybrid of both basketball and rugby :D. I'd like to call it RugBBall. Since I said that this would be a KB item, following are some tips to be successful(or survive lol) @ basketball court, during practice sessions.
  • You should be able to tolerate elbow shots and slaps, cos these arn't fouls :)
  • Dont ever argue with guys on "whether it was a foul or not". You could never win that argument :). Therefore it's better to carry on with the game without arguing.
  • After a practice session you'd feel like if you were scratched by a kitten and tackled by a NFL linebacker lol.
Those are the fun facts to know before you enter into the bb court.

I will follow this post up with a pre-tournament analysis of the wso2's inter-house basketball teams. So stay tuned ;) .


Raj said...

Hi Heshan,

This is a good one. I enjoyed reading it. Will stay tuned to your next post :).
`cheers, Raj

Keith Chapman said...

I bet u guys would miss last years most aggressive player ;). Wonder where he is now BTW. So Dr. Sanjiva will be in a one horse race for the most aggressive player award :).

I also remembered that I tore my denim during a match against the cloud bots last year. Too bad that I didnt bring it here to the US, torn denims is a luxury item here. I could have sold it for 100$ easily :). So if you tear any denims during the tournament throw it this way, the more u tear it the better it is.

Heshan Suriyaarachchi said...

@Raj: Thanks

@Keith: Wild Boars misses their most aggressive player ;). He went to US to play in the NBA lol. As you said Dr. Sanjiva would not have any opponent to race against him for the Most Aggressive player award.

We are having lots of torn denims, may be we could start a business :).

Asanka said...

Nice post Heshan, I'm reading it after the tournament. RugBBall attitude got change after major injuries did happen to few folks I think, but it was always danger to drive with this kind of a blocking.

Heshan Suriyaarachchi said...

Thanks asanka :)