Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Internship @ WSO2

I worked as an intern at WSO2 Inc during the last 7 months ( i.e. from February to August). I enjoyed my internship very much. First 2 weeks was the hardest time for me. It was mainly due to the fact that I did not understand a single technical discussion the guys were having with each other. But after some time I was able to get the hang of things and understand what they were talking about.

I worked as a Trainee Software Developer at IFS R & D before I came to do my undergrad studies at UCSC. Therefore I had a bit of an exposure to working environments of IT companies. But when I came to WSO2, it was a completely new experience for me. The guys come to the company to relax themselves. :) Oh yeah. They do not code much during the day. They enjoy playing Foo's ball, table tennis, carom, vii, swimming, basketball. The guys enjoy themselves during the day at Office and do the coding at home during night. Yep that's the kind of night life that they are spending :D. One day a guy was telling me that his mother told him "son you work at office during day and work during night at home. Go and enjoy your life. Do not spend too much time in front of the computer". Sadly his mother did not know that he was spending his day in a "Sports Club". :)Although they were engaged in many sports activities, guys completed the work assigned to them very well. I think this is the main reason behind the success of WSO2.

We had a Basketball Tournament within the company and our house (Wild Boars) won the tournament. We were the unbeaten side in the tournamnt. Our BB team members were Samisa, Asanka, me, Keith, Amila, Udeshika, Dimuthu, DimuthuG, Deep, Chathura, Rajika, Janapriya, Milinda, SanjayaK.

WSO2 released the project I did during my internship last month. I was soooo happy when the release was done. I got a lot of personal emails from the community regarding the project and praising me :) . Deepal ayya was my mentor during my internship. When he left for higher studies, Keith ayya became my mentor. Both these guys helped me during my internship. Specially Keith. I used to bug him a lot with Axis2 questions. He was very patient and never said that he is too busy to answer a question. It's because of their help and guidance that I could successfully complete my internship.

I would like to thank Dr. Sanjiva for giving me this opportunity and Amila, Sandakith, Charitha for selecting me from the interview. Finally I would like to tell all the WSO2 guys that " I'll be back ;) "

Following are some interesting moments from the BB final!

[Winners - Wild Boars!!!]

[Wild Boars enjoying the moment!!]

[ Me having the championship trophy in hand. Samisa (WB captain) congratulating me. Dimuthu and Milinda are in the background]

Venue: WSO2 car-park/BB-court

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