Friday, April 5, 2013

Run EC2 Jobs with Airavata - Part I

This will be the first of  many posts that I will be doing on Apache Airavata EC2 integration. First let's have a look at how you can use Airavata's "XBaya GUI" to manage amazon instances.

Applies to : Airavata 0.7 and above

1. Unzip Airavata server distribution and start the server.
cd apache-airavata-server-0.7/bin
2. Unzip Airavata XBaya distribution and start XBaya.
cd apache-airavata-xbaya-gui-0.7/bin
Then you'll get the XBaya UI.

3. Then Select "Amazon" menu and click "Security Credentials". Specify your secret key and access key in the security credentials dialog box and click "ok".

4. Then Select "Amazon" menu and click "EC2 Instance Management". It will give a glimpse of your running instances.

5. Click the "launch" button to launch new instances and "terminate" button to terminate, running instances.

6. When you launch a new instance, it will be showed in your "Amazon EC2 Management Console".

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