Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Execute an Echo job on Ranger using Apache Airavata

In this post we will look at how to execute an Echo application on Ranger [1] using Apache Airavata.

1. Before starting airavata configure file by modifying default fake values for following properties.

trusted.cert.location=path to certificates for ranger

Configure your certificate location and my proxy credentials and start Jackrabbit instance and airavata server with all the services.

2. To create a workflow to run on ranger you need to create Host Description, Application Description and a Service Description. If you  don’t know know how to create them refer airavata 10 minutes article [2] to understand how to create those documents. Once you become familiar with XBaya UI, use following values for fields given below and create documents using XBaya GUI.

Host Description
  • Host Address -

Click on the check box - Define this host as Globus host, then following two entries will enable to fillup.

  • Globus Gate Keeper Endpoint -  
  • Grid FTP Endpoint                   - gsi
Service Description

Fill the values similarly like in 10 minutes article [2] service description saving part.

Application Description
  • Executable path - /bin/echo
  • Temporary Directory - /tmp

Select the above created service descriptor and host Descriptor.. When you select the above created host descriptor you will see a new button Gram Configuration. Now click on that and fill following values.
  • Job Type - Single
  • Project Account Number - You will see this when you login to ranger, put your project Account number in this field
  • Project Description - Description of the project - not mandetory
  • Queue Type - development

Click on Update button and save the Application Description.

Now you have successfully created Descriptors and create a workflow like you have done in 10 minutes article [2] and try to run it.

[1] -
[2] -

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