Friday, July 10, 2009

GSoC: How to integrate with existing code base

This post will contain my arguments on "How to integrate this project to the existing WSF/Jython code base". This is a followup to my last post.

1. Modify the Python deployer to support Contract First approach.

2. To support Contract First approach you need to be able to generate a skeleton and a message receiver for your service. The generic message receiver that I have already written may not work because it works only on a limited schema structure.

3. Another way to look at the above argument(2) may be; only generate the client code and use the existing WSF/Jython's client API. Then before running the client code you can add the WSF/Jython client-side jar to the class path.

The above arguments are my opinion(for now) on integrating the gsoc code to existing code base. The above arguments may subject to change.

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