Monday, June 30, 2008

ANT Attack

My Dell Inspiron 1520 was attacked by ants.On last saturday I was at home watching a movie on my laptop. Suddenly I saw an ant coming out of my keyboard. I removed it and continued watching the rest of the movie. Then I was shocked to see some more ants coming out. I was thinking like "Has my laptop become an ant farm? #?@?".I managed to remove all the ants from my laptop using a blower. I searched the web and found many people who had faced the same problem. It seems like ants love the inner "plastic" parts but luckily, no harm was done to my machine. Probably some well mannered ants did take an inspection tour around my lap ;). A pal of mine(Saliya) had the same issue and he had to go through severe hardships to replace some of his keys. In the end he became proficient in repairing laptop keys. If the Sony VAIO guys saw the work he did, he would probably end up in SONY.


Saliya Ekanayake said...

Oh! you are absolutely correct;) I am still in SL fixing things he he :D

After fixing the think I think I am loving ants grrr :D

Heshan Suriyaarachchi said...

ya, ants loved u so much so that they ate half of your machine :P